Not in our original plans, but Juan was captivated by stories of the Uyuni salt flats so we decided to “take the risk” and go for a 3 day tour from Chile. Bolivia is a very cheap country but the tour cost us in terms of visa fees and bad food poisoning. Still well worth it, though, as the scenery is the most unique and among the most spectacular we’ve seen. Our 3 days of recovery in the town of Oruro were not bad either and Juan would definitely like to explore more of the country (if only Ognen wasn’t so against it).  



Quick Summary

Time in Bolivia: Sep 23 - 28, 2009

Route: an organized 3-day tour from San Pedro, Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia + 3 days food poison recovery in Oruro

Food: seriously injured us and couldn’t eat much though Ognen ate one delightful meal in Oruro

People: not enough time to get to know them but the bus driver and passengers were very friendly and helpful when we got sick in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere; not in a rush to go anywhere (buses always late); colorful (given the student carnival we saw in Oruro) and many indigenous people wear traditional clothes in real everyday life, not just for tourists which was nice to see (in contrast to Peru)

Roads: somewhere between horrible and disaster between Uyuni and Oruro; the primary reason Ognen does not want to go back to explore more of the country (bad rumors out there and don’t want to risk TianMa)

Highlights: the entire Uyuni tour (see our pictures)

Low-lights: food poisoning, horrible midnight bus ride between Uyuni and Oruro

Pictures of the awesome Bolivian scenery coming soon